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Hello Everyone,

Our club elections were held at this past November's monthly meeting and I am the newly elected Vice President (VP). With this being my first time as VP, I plan to use my talents inconjunction with the position to bring more new members into our club.
With the hobby being an ever changing environment based on all the classifications of "RC", such as drones or UAV's, along with the normal types of fixed wing or rotor types like helicopters, it seems only appropriate to have a club officer who currently flies just about everything possible. Thus, providing potential future members a connection point to discuss their goals as RC pilots, as well as leading them into further interactions with other club members, to ultimately grow the club with a younger subset demographic.
However, as your new VP, my position is only viable based upon the help that you provide. In other words, without your help my position will be very difficult, too say the least. Therefore, I employ you to let me know about people who might be interested in the RC hobby, yet do not have an aircraft, or they've only recently acquired one, but have not flown it. By doing so, I can get them going by providing the club trainer for a couple of persuasion flights or help setup and assist with their model for the first few flights.
Lastly, I want to thank Tony for his time as VP over the 2016 year. He has been very professional throughout and his performance reminded me that even though this is a hobby, it is meant too be fun and shared with those around us...

Best Regards,
John Combs
Vice President
Interstate Flyers RC Club


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